Hey I have to play this on an m because my just died on me The whole point of my explanation was to explain to DSGamer that you cant just stick a GTS in some old computer in your house. However, the actual shader performance of the GeForce GT is 72 and the actual shader performance of the GT is 4. Join the community here. That’s good news in my book. Its not all on the video card.

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The heat sink covers only the GPU, not the memory chips, which, due to heat concerns, may hurt brst ability to overclock the card. It works best on the Xbox.

Best Drivers for Geforce GT? | guru3D Forums

Please Log In to post. The Central Unit is clocked at MHz. I thought I read before that was the lead platform, so I was getting a little worried.

Bioshock was developed as a game for both the and the PC. It appears to me from some googling but lack of straight up benchmarks the GT will give you better framerates in today’s games.

The GeForce GT having 68 better shader performance and an altogether better performance when taking into account other relevant data means that the GeForce GT delivers a noticeably smoother and more efficient experience when processing graphical data than the GT.


Ask a question and give support. Budget 22″ panels have poor colouring and uber light bleed. Why not just buy it for ?

Sounds great but lacks vision. However, while the GS is cheaper and possibly more flexible, it’s also considerably slower than the GT despite having the same amount of pixel pipelines. You should easily get x at 30fps at 76000gt settings in DX9 on that setup. The memory frequency of the GS remains the same, however the core frequency has received a 50MHz boost, allowing it to operate at MHz.

Have a newer tv for my game consoles though: Bioshock for the PC is also getting DX10 features.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted But you’re right, the GT is a better buy. Already have an account?

which one is better: nvidia geforce 7600gt or 8500gt?

Don’t show this again. Yea but I blew my budget on my PC and Wii been saving money from odd jobs for a while. The GT would be a better buy. Besides differences in clock speeds, the primary distinction between the GT and its more expensive siblings is its use of 5 vertex shading units and 12 pixel shader pipelines, compared with 8 vertex shaders and 24 pipelines for the GT and GTX.


DSgamer64 Why buy it for a console unless you actually own it, or if you prefer gimped controls, I guess that would be a good reason.

MyopicCanadian wait, let me get this straight, a piece of electronics had bsst failure? Do you know that people have offices for their computers right?

Might work towards buying a new monitor, just depends if I get a new job or whether school takes too much of my time damn AP classes. This is obviously something that I will cover later on in this review, as we will discover the performance margins between these two graphics cards. Can I Run It. D hopefully a mitsubishi dlp set.

Best Drivers for Geforce 7600 GT?

Heil68 Yes, yes huge e-peen we’re all jealous. Therefore I will also be fully testing both graphics cards at their maximum overclocked frequencies. Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. If it happened once I wouldn’t care, but look how many times it’s mentioned in the user reviews, amidst other problems.